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Co-Founders Vicky Emerson & Sarah Morris

Sarah Morris and Vicky Emerson are singer/songwriters based in Minneapolis. They both pursue solo careers while also touring as the Americana duo, The Home Fires. Sarah and Vicky have a combined 25 years of experience on stage and in the studio, as well off the stage managing the business responsibilities and challenges of being an independent artist. By combining their skills and knowledge, they launched Front Porch Music Group – a music business co-operative experiment. The goal of Front Porch Music Group is to help put the independent in independent artist by guiding singer-songwriters to access the tools they need to move their career forward.

In 2016, Sarah and Vicky found themselves working in tandem on an Americana radio campaign because they both released new albums and their budget did not include the funds to hire an expensive radio promoter. Because of budget restraints and out of curiosity, they decided to do it themselves. They made the phone calls, they sent hundreds of emails and found their albums climbing the competitive US Americana chart as well as almost to the top of the European Americana chart. Since then, Sarah and Vicky have coached many singer-songwriters on championing their own radio campaign by providing access their radio campaign data and helping to map out a plan. They recognize that every artist’s goal for radio is different and can expand or collapse a radio effort customized exclusively for each artist.

Additionally, Vicky and Sarah have run 5 successful crowdfunding campaigns to bring their music to life.  Individually and collectively they have mentored other artists toward successful funding campaigns of their own – meeting to strategize before the campaign begins, as well as staying available throughout the campaign for coaching (and cheerleading!).

Today, being an independent artist in the music business means wearing a variety of hats. Singer-Songwriters are responsible for marketing, PR, booking, social media, touring, video creation, web development, radio promotion, funding all of these pieces, and most importantly, writing great songs. Sarah and Vicky understand the frustration by artists to juggle all of these roles and want to be a resource to mentor and guide artists to a solution that works the best for them. This industry is not one-size-fits-all and working towards a smart, efficient, common sense strategy is their vision for Front Porch Music Group.

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